What is
City Demographics?

City Demographics provides a single web-based location to host, present, and maintain your city's demographic information.

Through City Demographics' easy to use administrative interface, you're in control of the demographic data presented on your city's web site.

They say, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Here's a few words that should give you a clearer picture about what City Demographics is all about:

    • Easy
    • Affordable
    • Portable
    • Engaging
    • Current
    • Updatable

City Demographics is an online service that presents your demographic information using engaging animated graphs and charts.

Following initial setup, just log on to the admin function and update the demographic data values as often as you like to maintain to most current and accurate data possible.

Simply link to the presentation from your city's web page, or embed the presentation into your web site. You can also download the presentation and support files needed to deliver the data on a CD-ROM or memory-stick.

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