What can City Demographics do for YOU?
Well, for starters you can turn this: Into this:

The City Demographics application is an Adobe Flash presentation designed to dynamically incorporate demographic content into a template-based rich-media online presentation.

End-users are able to update and maintain the information presented through the use of an online administrative function. The online administrative function will provide a series of fields for data input, or the means to upload PDF documentation, that will populate the application templates once they established through a new account set up process.

It's like having your very own graphic designer, web programmer, data entry clerk, and IT professional - all for an affordable annual subscription.

  • Turn your statistics into a standout presentation.
  • Change your annual report into animated graphs and charts.
  • Convert your data into a dramatic visual display of information that easy to read and understand.
Are There Any MORE Benefits?

In addition to now being able to present your demographic data in a graphical, engaging format - the other primary benefit of City Demographics is its ability to output and maintain your demographic content in a variety of formats from our single data source with just a click of button.

  1. Link to your City Demographics sub-domain from your City's web site.
  2. Embed the demographic presentation directly into your City's existing web site.
  3. Download the entire presentation for distribution on CD-ROM, memory-stick, or other portable media.
  4. Download just the data component of the presentation to update existing portable media without having to install all the presentation files.
Easy 3-step Process

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