SETEDF Strengths

Labor force
Trained with work experience
Technologically skilled
Population has a good work ethic
Workers are available

Existing industrial base
Sophisticated engineering firms located in the area
Existing intellectual capital when it comes to engineering and energy
Existing energy infrastructure, such as pipelines and technically skilled workers
Concentration of by-products from oil production

Central location in the nation
Proximity to other cities and markets, including Houston, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans
Access to the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and other navigable waterways
Nearness to major international airports

No snow days
Longer growing season for crops

Lamar University
Strong research background in the energy field and other cutting edge technology
First patents in the history of the institution recently occurred
Developing a PhD program in energy
Recently rated in the top 300 business schools
Active expansion and growth

Variety of educational options in the area, from traditional academic degrees to technical and vocational degrees and certifications
Lamar State College-Orange, Lamar State College-Port Arthur, Lamar Institute of Technology
High schools have begun to incorporate vocational programs

Unimpeded multimodal system with ready access to airports, ports, waterways, rail, and highways
Rail access at Jack Brooks Regional Airport
Along a major interstate corridor
Airport w/ room for expansion

Natural Resources
Natural gas
Natural storage facilities in the form of salt domes
Abundant water supply
Appealing natural settings, such as the Big Thicket, that offer ample tourism possibilities

Cost of living

Quality of Life
Southeast Texas exceeds expectations when it comes to quality of life
Recreation options, such as the Big Thicket, Village Creek, and local parks, hunting & fishing, sporting events, Ford Park 
Area is actively developing bicycle and pedestrian facilities
Access to health care
Variety of shopping options

Active art community, including theaters
Relatively high number of museums in the area
Local cuisine

Labor Force
Available workers
Hard working employees
Entrepreneurial population base (a number of businesses have started here and expanded)

Business Climate
Utility process
Industry, nature, and area residents coexist
Southeast Texas residents accept industry-no NIMBY
Utility pricing
Strong credit union system

Project Readiness
Large vacant sites
Land availability
Shovel ready projects in the region
Awareness of potential projects